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Why is road safety education important?

Traffic related incidents continue to be the leading cause of accidental death and injury among school-aged children in Australia. Parents, educators and communities all have an important role to play in helping children to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to operate safely in a traffic environment.

Who is this website for?

This website is a one stop shop for K-6 NSW primary school teachers.

Why should teachers use this website?

Finally an Australian website developed and designed with Australian children in mind. Every activity on this website has been designed to engage students in higher order thinking and problem solving learning experiences. This approach to teaching road safety reflects best practice and assists students to achieve the expected outcomes as part of the 'Safe Living' strand of the NSW K-6 PDHPE syllabus. This resource has been developed by teachers for teachers.

More time to focus on teaching!

This website has been made easy for teachers. We know how competing curriculum priorities can make it difficult for teachers to find time to develop quality resources and engaging PDHPE units of work. Why re-invent the wheel? We've taken some of the hard work out so you can focus on what matters...your students' learning. On this website you get: