policeman Print the 'Pedestrian Lights' student worksheet to be completed after this activity.

How could we make this a safer road for Toby to cross?

Look at the road and talk about why this road might be unsafe to cross. Press the buttons to make the road safer.

Great work!


  • Look for the yellow crossing sign
  • Always stand back from the crossing
  • Wait until all the cars have stopped
  • Wait for the red man to turn green
  • Listen to your crossing helper
unsafe road
unsafe road

Great work!

You helped Toby cross the road safely.

Practice holding and adult's hand when crossing the road

Equipment needed

  • markers/cones/witches hats
  • Chalk
  • masking tape

1. Set up a simulation of a road to be crossed in the cola or a safe place on school grounds. Talk about the features of the road i.e. where the lights would be, the footpath, where the traffic would be etc. Ask students to talk about the similarities and differences of this road compared to the road crossings near school.

2. Re-cap on the 'Hold an adult's hand' activity and re-iterate the key road safety message 'Always hold an adult's hand'.

3. Tell students that today they are going to practice crossing the road. Ask two students at a time to approach the simulated crossing and wait at least one step behind the curb. The teacher, parent helper or teacher's aide should then hold their hands out for student to hold. Once holding hands, the adult talks out aloud and follows the 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think' procedure before crossing the road.

Repeat until all students have practised holding an adult's hand to cross the road.

*Try asking students what they would do if mum or the adult forgets to hold their hand.....or is pushing a stroller and has their hands full....encourage the students to be the first to hold hands and not to wait for Mum or Dad. If Mum or Dad is pushing a stroller, hold onto the stroller or the adult's bag or clothes.

PDHPE Early Stage 1 NSW syllabus outcomes

SLES1.13 Demonstrates an emerging awareness of the concepts of safe

and unsafe living

DMES1.2 Identifies some options available when making simple decisions

V4 Accepts responsibility for personal and community health

Road safety content

Pedestrian safety

- Hold an adult’s hand

Passenger safety

- Use of seatbelts and safety restraints

- Safe entry and exit from a vehicle

Safety on wheels

- Safe places to play on wheels

Pedestrian safety activities Safety on wheels activities Passenger safety activities
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Make the road safer to cross

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Practice holding an adult's hand

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